Wallpaper Removal

Many people dismiss the idea of wallpapering their home based solely on the idea that it is difficult to remove. Thankfully, those rumors can be dispelled, to reveal, removing wallpaper doesn't have to be a daunting task.

Tools of the Trade

Being prepared is the easiest way to ensure a smooth removal process. Before you set out to remove a wall of wallpaper, it is important to ensure you have all the tools you need to complete the project. Here is what you need to get started


Plastic Drop sheet 
Spray bottle or Garden Sprayer for larger surfaces 
Wallpaper Perforator* (Example: Paper Tiger) 
Wallpaper Remover/ Stripper Solution (From your Local Hardware Store) 



Use Paper Tiger to perforate Wallpaper (extensively) 
Generously spray solution over the papered wall 
Place plastic sheet over wall and leave overnight (this is crucial) Make sure plastic 
is adhered to the wet wall. Squeeze out any major air pockets. Place pins on the top 
of the plastic sheet to hold overnight and then squeeze out the major air pockets.

Next Day:


Remove plastic sheet 
Use paper lifter to remove and tough hold paper from wall. 
Wash down the wall with a cloth and warm water, this should remove any wallpaper
traces from your wall.

* Wallpaper perforator is a small device, which fits into your palm. It has small metal teeth that when rolled over the paper it perforates it with small holes. This allows the mixture to seep into the back of the paper where the glue is. The idea here is too reactive the paste behind the paper. Once done the paper just slips off the wall fairly easily. This can be used with even multiple layers of paper on a wall. 

Vinyl Wallpapers are easy to strip: The top surface should peel off, leaving only a paper substrate adhered to the wall, which when soaked with water, strips and removes very easy. 

Take great care not to let water get into electrical sockets, or light switches. Ideally strip the walls in daylight, so you can switch the power at the main unit, and still see what you are doing.